I would like to credit the Good Lord; and thank my supportive family, encouraging friends and the male and female spotters and partners that made it possible for me to excel in the weight room.

I am secondary; my wish is to inspire more men to lift heavy in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner; and for more heavy lifters to use both male and female spotters and partners. Each shirt in video symbolizes awareness.

In addition, I recommend a balanced lifestyle, striving on becoming as well rounded as possible (life outside of the gym), and positively impacting others’ lives.


Daily- Chicken, egg whites, spinach, milk, and cranberry juice

Consistently- Fish, turkey burger, turkey bacon, oatmeal, salad, Greek yogurt, broccoli, black beans, edamame, and carrot juice


Stats- 6 foot tall, 212 pounds

Attire- all- Nikeā„¢ with the exception of awareness t-shirts

Hobbies- gym, surf fishing, reading, traveling, volunteering

Community Service:

Stop Hunger Now, Family Promise, JDRF, and Boca Helping Hands